acheter maillot equipe de france, 2017 England Community Shield Cup at Wembley Stadium, match by Premier League champions Chelsea against FA Cup champion Arsenal, the first half game, La Cazete shot hit the post. In the second half of the game, Moses took the lead to break the deadlock, Cora Ninets header equalizer,    maillot de foot enfant pas cher, 90 minutes two teams draw, penalty shootout, Arsenal 4-1 win, 5-2 victory over Chelsea win.

  vente de maillot de foot, Last season's FA Cup final, Arsenal beat Chelsea to win, so that the Blues won the dream of the double king, but in this summer's nest, Chelsea completed revenge, 3-0 beat Arsenal, this time the hole And Wenger continue to fight, their formation is crucial.

acheter maillot de foot pas cher, Astronomical new aid Mora tower sat down on the bench, Sanchez did not enter the game list. 7 minutes, IWobi manufacturing threat, he broke to the bottom line near the cross, but unfortunately no one hit the ball. The first 10 minutes, after receiving Ernine passing, Ivo than the restricted area shot by the other goalkeeper denied. 12 minutes, Aspen Liquita after the field was steals, tactical foul to eat the game the first yellow card.